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Bread in Madrid

One by one I’m going through the photos from my trip to Spain and I have noticed that one of the subjects that captured my attention the most was bread. 

In my culture (which is Ukrainian) people eat Everything with bread. Well, people living old-style, not low-carb lifestyle like me. And to my surprise, it turned out that Spanish are the same. They bring you a basket of bread in restaurants as a waiting treat, a side dish and another one accompanying the dessert. I am exaggerating, of course, but the truth is very close. 

Ukraine is even worse that way. My least favorite thing to watch at the New Year dinner table with relatives is when they finish their mayo filled and topped salads by wiping all those precious white drops with bread. 

Anyway, this post is not about our unhealthy food culture but about the beauty of the bread. Maybe, because it is one of the first and most essential things that people have learnt to make, it brings back some ancient, deeply incarnated feelings. The smell, the texture, the golden crust color - everything is designed to make you feel hungry. And my malicious side hopes that it’s exactly how you feel after looking at these photos.

I’ve taken them at one of the fairs where they bake bread right in front of you but if you are searching for the nice bakery to try real Spanish bread, I would recommend Harina. Even their website is cool and trust me, their bread is even better.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and more photos from the fair are coming soon!

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